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This company sells a high-quality tuned liquid damper

Are you looking for a company that can help you find a solution to dampen vibrations in various kinds of structures? Flow Engineering produces and installs custom-made dampening systems that make structures durable and resistant to forces of nature. The experts analyze and solve vibrational problems in existing structures such as industrial chimneys, radio masts, giant flagpoles and more cylindrical tower-like structures. By applying various kinds of damper-systems, these specialists reduce stresses and movements to an acceptable level.

The application of this high-end damper

A tuned liquid damper is an extremely useful way to decrease the vibration of slim constructions. Flow Engineering is a company with over 20 years of knowledge in designing and positioning dampers in structures in countries all over the world. The tuned liquid damper can be used to lessen the vibrations, but also to avoid damage to a construction from fatigue. There are various kinds of dampening systems that are applicable to slender structures, such as the tuned mass damper and the tuned liquid damper. The latter is a box that is partly filled with a mix of water and glycol. This system does not have any moving parts, as the dampening is provided by the sloshing of the mixed liquids in the damper. The mass in the system can oscillate both vertically and horizontally, which will make it fluctuate in the opposite direction of crosswinds or sea waves.

Contact the experts to find a suiting solution for your project

Are you wondering if the application of a tuned liquid damper to your structure will be helpful? The specialists of the company will gladly find the right solution to protect your construction from any influences by nature, such as hard winds. Make sure to contact the experts via the contact details on their website. They will gladly inform you about the possibilities.