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Space shortage in a warehouse? 3x solutions

Space shortage in a warehouse? 3x solutions

Due to the significant growth of webshops and online sales, warehouses need more and more space. It is sometimes difficult to find enough space for all the stock. Especially with the thought of growing even further in the future, it is important that there is always enough space left over for this growth. Moving is a very expensive option because it costs a lot of time and money to move all the stuff and there are no sales to deal with during this period. Do you want to know how to optimise your current warehouse to create more space? Read this blog article. 


1: Unnecessary stock must go 

Almost every organisation has stock in their warehouse that is unnecessary, this can be excess stock or unmarketable stock. This dead stock takes up space that you lack elsewhere. This means that you also spend a lot of money on it, namely the number of square metres that you could actually be better using for something else. Through stock optimisation, smart ordering methods and good agreements with suppliers, you save not only space, but also costs. 


2: Optimise the method of storage 

If you are really short of space, it is a good idea to check whether all your stock is stored as practically and efficiently as possible. Often this is not the case. Make sure you have matching storage options for the products you store. Think of storage bins, drawer bins or pallet boxes. This will help you organise your storage intelligently and save you a lot of space. You can also check whether the spaces in the building are being used in the right way. For example, an office department could move to another building to free up more space for the warehouse.  


3: Create space by building an extra floor 

A very good solution to space shortage within warehouses is to have a mezzanine floor built. Mezzanine floors are intermediate construction floors that allow you to make much better use of the height of the building. Many buildings lack space in m2 but have a lot of space left in the air. By building a mezzanine floor, you can literally double the storage space. It is also a lot cheaper than moving to a larger building.