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What are the options for interstate car transport?

For interstate car transport there are several options. There’s a lot to consider before you buy or ship a car. What company’s transport services do you need? You can choose a company that specializes in transportation in the states that you’re looking to transport in. Or you choose a company that transports cars in all states of the U.S.. Marlog Car Handling is a company that can handle all your interstate car transport. They transport from and to all states. If you’re looking to ship to or from the U.S., they can also help you out.

Two methods for interstate car transport

Usually there are two methods for interstate car transport. Both are over land obviously, but one is by truck and is the most common by far. The other is by train, and less popular. Actually, there’s a third option, by air, but this is very expensive. You can talk with your transport company about what is the cheapest, but also the safest option that they offer. The prices of course vary, so who knows. Maybe it’s cheaper by air after all.

What do you need for interstate car transport?

You should think about loads of things. This is why it’s often easier to let a company like Marlog Car Handling do this. They’ll handle everything involved in interstate car transports. For example, you’ll have to make sure you have the correct car insurance, also during transport. Usually the carrier’s insurance will cover damages during transit, but it can be good to check with the carrier. Marlog Car Handling has the needed insurances, but also the required licenses for interstate car transport.

The stress free option or the I-will-do-it-myself-option?

This one’s really up to you. If you have all the knowhow then maybe you can do it yourself. It however is so much easier and more convenient to choose the stress free option, that is hiring a company like Marlog Car Handling for interstate car transport. Just talk to them and see what they can help you with.