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The Top Demon Slayer Figures of All in 2023 for you

Demon Slayer manga and anime franchise is the talk of the town nowadays. Its characters, fighting sequences and overall storyline has captivated a massive audience and turned into a cultural phenomenon. That’s why it’s no surprise that the franchise has an ever-growing range of merchandise in the market. The most sought-after merchandise, however, are the Demon Slayer figures. They are meticulously crafted, representing the characters’ personalities, and detailed in their fight poses. So, if you’re a fan of the franchise, here are the top Demon Slayer figures of all in 2023 for you!

Nezuko Kamado Q Posket Figure

Nezuko happens to be one of the most popular characters from Demon Slayer franchise. Her human-turned-demon character has been portrayed gracefully in the anime, which makes people drawn towards her figure. The Nezuko Kamado Q Posket Figure, available on Amazon, has a gentle appearance, depicting her as a cute and innocent sister. The figure costs under $50 and is worth every penny.

Tanjiro Kamado Figuartszero Figure

Tanjiro is the protagonist of the series and exhibits a dynamic personality. He has a strong-willed personality and progressive vision that attract viewers all around the world. The Tanjiro Kamado Figuartszero Figure, available on Amazon, represents his posture and ferocity impeccably. You can get it for around $85.

Inosuke Hashibira Afigu Figure

Inosuke Hashibira is a fan-favorite, thanks to his brash demeanor and powerful fighting style. His intricately detailed figure from Afigu series, available on Amazon, portrays his half-boar, half-human physiology accurately, and his posture when brandishing his two blades. Its pricing is around $140.

Giyu Tomioka DXF Figure

Giyu is a stoic and reserved character in the series, but his fighting skills are second to none. The Giyu Tomioka DXF Figure, available on Amazon, shows the demon slayer’s ice-cold glare and composed posture as he stands ready to fight. This fantastic figure could cost you around $25.

Kanao Tsuyuri Pastel Color Ver. Figure

The elegance and beauty of Kanao Tsuyuri have entranced Demon Slayer fans worldwide. Her figure, available on eBay, vividly represents her elegant and composed persona with pastel colors. You can buy it for around $95.

These top Demon Slayer figures of all in 2023 are for all the fans who are also collectors of the legendary franchise. These figures are made to impress, quality-wise and appearance-wise. Whether you want to add the fantastic figures to your collection or buy them as gifts, they will undoubtedly grab your attention. Get your pick from the list and savor the detailed representation of your beloved characters that will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to your Demon Slayer collection.