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Klipfolio reporting is the industry's best, but with multi-touch attribution, you can.

Klipfolio is a cloud-based tool developed in Canada. It makes it easy for users to access all of their different sources in one environment. Thanks to its pre-built available dashboards, marketers are able to create projects in Klipfolio with ease. Klipfolio is a cloud-based dashboard tool that allows users to connect a lot of different data in one place. It is especially popular in industries where marketers need to use data in their work, such as in online marketing. Klipfolio is available across all devices, which makes it easy for companies to track their data when on the go. This report is quite sophisticated, but it’s not enough to make it the sole source of marketing decision-making. There is one aspect missing, and that is attribution.


Fast-forward to today, and marketers will use Klipfolio marketing dashboards day in and day out to survey their results, track spends, and spot possible channel calamities. Just some of the Klipfolio metrics. This is a huge jump from the way things used to be done, when marketers relied on manual reporting and input from teams. A new kind of dashboard will make it easier for marketers to make better decisions. A recent Odyssey enhancement will do the trick. These Klipfolio dashboards are more effective because they give marketers the insights they need to take real actionable steps that optimize their marketing performance.


With the Odyssey connector, you can add a marketing metric called incrementality. This is a percentage that shows which campaigns or ads have an incremental effect on your conversions. Once you’ve added the Odyssey connector to your GDS, you can view marketing metrics such as the Incrementality index. This percentage illustrates how much the campaign or ad contributed to the overall conversion.