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Assistance with product development

When developing products such as medicines, foodstuffs, building materials and other industrial products, there is a chance that the process will stagnate. Very small particles and powders are often used. Specific knowledge about the properties of these substances is required in order to use them correctly in a product. If you do not have this knowledge, or if you are otherwise stuck in the development process, you can consult Solids Solution. We have been doing research in the field of powder and particle technology for many years. We can analyse what the problem is and come up with a solution.


Solids Solutions particle technology

Solids Solutions is located in Delft and focuses on various industries that use particles and powders in the development of products. We carry out research to advise product developers, but also share our knowledge in other ways. We offer seminars on various topics in the field of particle and powder technology. We also regularly organise other events. Furthermore, you can visit our knowledge centre for articles and publications related to our research.


Nanoparticle research and BET surface analysis

Nanoparticles are particles with a diameter of 1 to 100 nanometres. Partly due to their size, these particles have specific properties that make them suitable for use in certain products. Substances that normally do not mix well, do so when nanoparticles are added. To determine the exact size of the particles, we perform a BET surface area analysis of nanoparticles. This is done by physical gas adsorption, where gas is adsorbed onto the surface of a solid. For more information about nanoparticle testing & research, please visit the website or the knowledge centre. Of course you can also contact us if you have any questions.