A Story by Robert McKee

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How to present your company to the consumer so that they believe in it and want to use your products? Classic marketing is not as effective as it used to be. The most productive and credible method for attracting followers and fans of your brand right now is a well-told story. It is important for every entrepreneur, as well as those who are not connected with business, to have a storytelling skill, i.e. transmission of a story that contains a certain message that is important to you.

Robert McKee is a master of marketing storytelling and author of the world bestselling Million Dollar Story, and in his new book, Storinomics, teaches us how to competently build our marketing story and attract as many supporters as possible. McKee identifies eight main stages in building a story. Let’s briefly talk about each of them.

Step 1: define three goals

The first goal is that you need to find your target audience. The second is to identify the needs, wants, and problems of your potential customers. The third is to determine the target action, i.e. think in detail about what target action you want to lead your audience to.

Stage 2: design the setup

To do this: 1) Determine the core value, i.e. find a cure for your client’s pain in your product. 2) Choose the main character. You need to create an image that consumers will associate with your product. 3) Create installation. You need to define the moral of the story and where you are driving the customer.

Stage 3: triggering event

This is what throws the life of your protagonist out of balance, what makes the buyer ask himself the question: “What will this story turn out to be?”

Stage 4: the object of desire

At this stage, your protagonist must define a specific goal or need, the achievement of which will bring balance back to his life.

Stage 5: first action

Your hero embarks on an exciting journey and takes some first steps to find the answer to his question.

Stage 6: first reaction

The world around you does not agree with your hero. He pushes him out and does not allow his dream to come true. The reaction of the world should be unexpected or unexpected for your main character.

Stage 7: crisis choice

This stage is characterized by the highest point of tension. Your hero needs to choose a new tactic that will help win the sympathy of the world around him and allow him to fulfill his goal.

Stage 8: climax reaction

This is the happy ending to your story. The world accepts the changed hero and gives him the opportunity to carry out his plans. The climax should not only be interesting for the viewer, but also give him some hints and hints about what useful lessons he could take from this story for himself.

If your story has reached the consciousness of the viewer or reader, by the time of the climax he will be in a state of open consciousness, i.e. as receptive to your marketing message as possible. End your story with a catchy slogan or call to action.

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