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7 steps to refurbish your office without headache

Most of the vacant office space on the market is dated. To create an officespace that will be considered by potential tenants investing in an upgrade or refurbishment may be essential. The strategy depends on the market opportunity, the internal processes and your investment resources. In this blog we will advise you the most optimal cooperation, based on 7 steps.

Do you only invest when you have a signed rental agreement? Do you have a contractual delivery obligation with a tenant and therefore need hard guarantees on the execution proceedings and completion date? Are you prepared to take the risk to invest to create better rental opportunities, but can you only do one a budget request? Can you due to time constraints, focus insufficiently on the necessary office refurbishment and fit out? Would you like to build in sufficiant securities and warranties for the most optimum project quality and continue to focus fully on your investment tasks? You will thenneed to think carefully about how the design and implementation of a proposed investment needs to be managed. Below are the 7 steps to the most optimal cooperation.

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Step 1 | integrate cost calculation in the design stage


Some clients ask Amos Beech to add as much designer-quality as possible to propel the rental opportunities to the max. They give us the confidence for the entire design and implementation work on the basis of a global scope, sketch idea and budget. Other clients are already in an advanced stage of rental negotiation. By integrating the cost calculation in the interior design stage from an early stage Amos Beech optimises the planning, feasibility and buildability. In such a project we recommend a design + build cooperation. Design + build makes it possible to design decisions to postpone as long as possible without problem arising in the budget; ideal for customization in the todays market of tenants.


Step 2 | Demand control over the final design result


On broad lines would you would at least like to know how your office building will look like in the future. But of course within a resonable time constrain because time = money. The design process nees a bit of effort and input from the client, so that the business processes can continue to find its way. To give you confidence in the process, we integrate meetings in the design process. Tailored to your needs we will check with you and your advisors if the design progress is still in line with your ambitions and project objectives. We encourage you to keep on asking questions during the interior design process if you want to keep control on the end result.


Step 3 | Ask for clear guarantees in terms of price, quality and time schedule


You don’t want hassle. Nevertheless it is very common that project budgets and schedules are not met a refurbishment and fit out project. A major cause is the selection methodology. With traditional procurement on the basis of an estimate you get the best price at the time of the transaction; the incentive for the submitting Builder is also purely oriented on the lowest possible price. After this the annoyance will follow. A design and build partner who is involved early in the process, will be prepared to give firm guarantees. After all, they know what is going to be built there, know what your budget is and know the importance of the delivery date. They will take the risk in extra work and give you a fixed price commitment, assure you of innovative design and create solutions and are committed to a hard delivery date.


Step 4 | Requirement of transparency and the creation of a common interest


What is the purpose of your office refurbishment or fit out? Market forces? Risk management? Or simply a successful result? The power of a successful project lies in a good preparation. By keeping the design and realisation within one party you can save up to 20% of the total investment on the consultative work alone. That is your first profit. Amos Beech business model is based on the effective implementation of the project. So Amos Beech has an interest in a fast and smooth construction process. The design phase is many times more efficient and more effective by combining it with construction. In these projects we work with an open budget so that you will always have the options.  Step 5 | Transfer responsibilities to the specialist


Sharing knowledge is the trend. This is just as hard for the construction and real estate sector. This means that we will enter a design and build process with each other in a transparent manner. This is key to a successful office refurbishment or fit out. We ask you to expose your underlying early ambitions and project objectives, as well as sharing all the relevant information about the building with us. Depending on your ambition and the type of project we work with an external architect and our in-house interior designers. And we work with carefully selected partners that represent their mechanical and electrical engineering design solutions. We are specialists and work together on the basis of the integral anf predetermined performances. Then you may also require that we take our responsibility for the design and final realisation. This saves you headaches.


Step 6 | You need to know who’s actually subcontracted to do the work in your office


You don’t want questionable parties in your office during construction. If we promise things, we should also. Of course, you will get to know your implementation team before the start of the project. And we will discuss with you at an early stage the intended subcontractor. 


Step 7 | Choose a partner that you trust


It does not need any further explanation that trust is not only a major role in design + build, but in any relationship you have. Therefore, choose a solvent partner with a proven track record. With our – for a design + build partner extraordinarily strong – financial health, we are able to carry and continuity risks. Confidence translates into partnerships. Our clients choose more than once for our approach.